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Tuesday 20th November 2018

Many thanks for your patience while we achieved the physical delivery of stock lines from Sheffield to our new premises in Cornwall. At present we are working away at updating product information, images, and downloadable "Top25" lists on the website. Our Top25 lists are being compiled by experts on both local and thematic best-selling product lines. These Top25 lists will eventually be printable and will provide properly researched recommendations to products highly likely to prove profitable for you. Today there has been an intense effort to update the information and images of products from the publisher Cicerone, who make a fantastic range of guidebooks primarily for walkers....of all levels of enthusiasm!

A few small niggling errors have found their way into our website. Apologies for these, which mainly happened at the point that we added many new product lines, when merging the stock of Outstanding MD Ltd with that of Mayfield Books & Gifts. We are in the process of fixing these annoyances. For instance, we are aware that in some of our subject-based lists of products, certain products appear to have gate-crashed the lists, appearing as rogue titles which have nothing to do with the intended topic. This is a problem to do with our website's internal product identification numbering system; Although annoying, it is really only a cosmetic issue which does not cause problems with the actual ordering process. Also, you may be finding that only the products' RRPs are being displayed as you compile an order, rather than your correctly discounted trade prices being shown. Again, please don't let this put you off; our staff are on the look-out for this occasional problem, so if this is happening to you there is no need to worry, as we will simply correct your purchased items' prices at our end as we process your order.

Many thanks for reading, happy product hunting, and as always, please contact us if you need assistance! 

Kind regards, all at Outstanding MD Ltd. / Mayfield Gifts.      

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